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San. Marzano tomato sauce, Agerola smoked mozzarella, pecorino Romano, Pantelleria oregano, garlic, fresh basil & olive oil

AFFUMICATA, meaning 'smoked' in Italian, is a thin-crust pizza that takes inspiration from a traditional Italian dish, Provola alla Pizzaiola. This pizza starts with a rich tomato sauce base and is uniquely topped with a specific style of smoked cheese.

Chef Gavino, drawing on the flavours of the Campania region, crafts this pizza with Agerola mozzarella that's been soaked overnight. This is paired with the salty Pecorino Romano, creating a deep and robust flavour profile that truly enhances the dining experience.

Infused with oregano, a staple herb in Italian cooking, the Affumicata offers a warm and aromatic taste. The addition of ingredients like garlic and fresh basil rounds out this pizza, making it a tantalizing and appetizing option, particularly suitable for vegetarians.

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