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Roasted cherry tomato sauce, Cetara anchovy, Gaeta olive,
pecorino Romano, Pantelleria oregano, garlic, fresh basil & olive oil

COSACCA is made with ingredients from the southern region of Italy, including the famous Cetara anchovies, Gaeta olives, pecorino Romano and Pantelleria oregano, further enhanced with the chef-made roasted cherry tomato sauce, giving a hint of marine flavour. Anchovies have been the staple food in the diets of Cetara’s inhabitants for a long time. With its favourable geographical location along the renowned Amalfi Coast, the village provides the best anchovies with a delicious and intense flavour: a special ingredient that enriches numerous dishes. Being one of Italy's oldest cheeses, pecorino Romano has a hard, dry, and distinctive salty taste.

This cheese made with sheep’s milk pairs well with the Gaeta olives, which are commonly found in Neapolitan cuisine. Gaeta olives, ranging in colour from light brown to deep brown, are harvested after the fruit has ripened and are brine or salt-cured, leading them to a meaty texture with a slightly tart to salty flavour. Another selling point for Cosacca is the use of wild oregano from the southern region of Italy, Pantelleria, located between the Sicilian island and Tunisia in the Mediterranean. The torrid climate and lava-rich soil make this herb so extraordinarily intense.

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